Mintys Lighting


I have since dropped Mintys Lightning, Footprints, Birds and Flocks, EBT , Burn Shock Freeze, a bunch of the scripted trap mods and use Immersive Horses instead of Convienent Horses. Am using CoT 5 True Storms Mintys Lightning During Thunder Storm Any help? I am trying to figure out why Mintys Lightning won't stop running. It is definitly Mintys mod as it's the hostile fork lightning. Hard to believe the amount of scripted mods S.T.E.P guide recommends as a jumping off point for other builds/packs. I'm testing a new playthrough so I would start again if I change my load order.

I dropped EBT and footprints.

The new Frostfall is great too but I had totally forgot about Mintys scripts. I'm trying Immersive Horses right now but whatever settings I use, my followers dismount to fight EVERY SINGLE enemy that we come across. You had the same issue as me and dropped Lightning? It also says in the debugging globals in his MCM that it is enabled even though there is a perfect clear skin.

I've tried tweaking my followers with AFT and EFF but they won't just stay on their horse and keep up with me. Their patch and compilation though is great, and I it's defo worth it going through just for the texture packs alone. Otherwise, because it's heavily scripted, this mod cannot be simply uninstalled, according to Minty. Plus if you've never used DSR/FNIS/DYnoLOD/Bash Patch or even TES5Edit it's still a great guide that I bounce off quiet a bit.

That said.a lot of questionable scripted mods Sorry to revive this old topic. Haven't installed the mod for a long time, after one of my earlier playthroughs suffered a performance problem, like having too many scripted mods and I would frequently get stack dumps.

Hopefully there should be little or no traces of it in the Papyrus log.