Flordia Weather A New Experience


Not being familiar with Florida weather, I'd like to know if this is any reason to postpone the vacation. I don't known if it's a reason to postpone, but October is much nicer weather. Hey guy, My wife and I are trying to put together a trip to Orlando, mainly to go to the Disney World Resort, but the weather forecast is making me worried. Till mid Sept we are stuck in muggy thunderstorm weather. We had 50% chance of storms all week and had none, then got rain every day the next week.

This is the rainy season and there will be usually a 50% chance of rain every day. Sky can go from puffy clouds to intense lighting and wind, torrential rain, occasionally hail, and the rare funnel cloud. As has been said, it does rain a lot during the summer and usually anywhere between early afternoon and mid evening.

If you want decent weather and better park experience, early December is awesome! Just before Labor Day a few people are still hanging around, Labor Day is pretty crazy, then absolute deadness afterwards.

It is liable for it to rain on one side of a parking lot and not the other. October / November / March are the best months of all weather wise. The thing is, the storms are usually brief but they are also hit or miss. Can be a good time to eat a meal, watch a show or go back to the hotel for a nap.

Rains heavy with lightning between 3 and 6pm every day all summer. I'd advise going to the parks when they open so that you can experience as much as possible before worrying about the rain. I am limited to late Aug or early Sept on this trip.

They die when the sun dies and occur specifically on very humid days.