Dog Gone It


He basically has a panic attack, sits there and pants, sometimes til the point he throws up. I've used drugs on a dog I used to have, who was unable to handle thunderstorms. With a three year old dog, of unknown origin, if you live in an area that often has severe thunderstorms, I'd talk to your vet about drugs. This is the only dog I've ever had that stresses this much when a storm rolls through. The vet also might suggest a drug called acepromazine but I would read up on that drug before using it.

Drugs make the very phobic dogs able to live in a place with frequent thunderstorms.
The trick with any thunderstorm phobia treatment is to start it at least an hour before the actual storm hits.

I read once that thunder storms create static electricity which bothers the dog and rubbing him with a dryer sheet can help. Otherwise I would ask the vet for a prescription for alprazolam if his symptoms are that serious. In that case I would preemptively put the dog in the thunder shirt or give him medication before you go to bed. There is evidence that it tranquilizes the body but not the mind, so that while they seem calm they are experiencing the same fear and panic on the inside. I'd keep an eye on the weather report, and if storms were coming, I would pro-actively drug him.
Prior to that event, he had been fine in a crate, covered with a sheet, during a storm. I would lay down under the desk with him for a while and he would eventually relax and fall asleep.

Well the problem I have a lot of times is that the storm comes in the early morning while I'm sleeping. Has anyone had a similar experience and found something that helps calm the dog down? Our 10 year old dog never had a problem until our little one was afraid and now our 10 year old is scared too!

My rats aren't really scared of loud noises. ours have never reacted to thunder, but usually quite intrigued by loud noises Mine don't react to any loud noises unless they occur right next to them, so I honestly can't imagine them being frightened of thunder. Mine don't really seem to even notice thunder.

My rat just flops down for a bit when its thundering outside. My dog will bark in their faces and they aren't fazed a bit.