A Storm is Brewing


Something about the storms really gets to me, excited and happy. Maybe it's the sounds, I'm not sure. Maybe it's the fact that when I was a kid, I thought the whole family would stay and do something about it.

My favorites are the severe ones, although due to our topography we don't really get good thunderstorms that often, just rain.

Side note: I think being a storm chaser would be a fun thing to do Right there with you. It's really just something about thunderstorms that relaxes me and puts me in a pretty good mood which I see as kind of odd due to the nature of the storms. I'm in central jersey just west of the beginning of the Raritan bay and I watch the storms just collapse. I'm not sure if it's something I want to get into, but is definitely be up for a ride along.

God I love summer thunderstorms, it hasn't rained in almost a month here though and it's driving me nuts. You live in the desert southwest long enough you become an amateur meteorologist because we're all obsessed with rain.

Maybe it's the fact that when I was a child, I meant the whole family would be staying in and finding something to do. I laughed when there was a big thunderclap right after I posted that. It makes rain almost like a holiday lol, it's a special occasion in the desert and it must be fun to track. I remember my dad use to let us play whiffle ball in the garage when it rained and that was a lot of fun.

I recommend if you really want to start chasing to save some funds and go on a ride along with an experienced chaser. Power has already flickered off twice since then and we're finally getting a nice shower. We havent gotten a storm like that since I think I recall that.

I think living in the desert would make rain a lot more fun.

Something about thunderstorms really gets me excited and happy. Almost all of South West gets covered in thunderstorms and rain June - August. It seems like the only good storms are early morning hours when the winds are consistently offshore You'd be in love with summer in SW Florida. As soon as the dew point hits 50°F I'm watching the radar and following NOAA updates. This season has mostly ended, but if you want to try to set yourself up for next spring feel free to message me. The thunder has tampered off unfortunately, but still torrential downpours and flash floods! Yeah those desert storms can be wicked, I remember getting caught in one when I was in Vegas en route to the grand canyon, some of the heaviest rain I've seen. My ritual when it starts raining here in the summer is to go stand in it. More often than not they are in the midst of miles of cumulos, nimbostratus. We've had major monsoon storms the last two days and I've been so happy. I am on long island and wish we got more thunderstorms.